Friday, March 27, 2009

Stephenie Dodson: The Real Work Begins Now

Here's the message Stephenie Dodson sent out today:

Thank you so much for all you’ve done to get our campaign this far. I wasn’t the first to enter this race, and we didn’t spend the most money. But our message about schools and neighborhoods certainly gave us a strong run in the backstretch. Now we’ve got the momentum as we make the turn for home! Visit and get involved with our campaign.

The real work getting our message out begins now.

With the run-off on Thursday, April 30th, early voting will start less than two weeks from now. Our opponent, Kristine LaLonde, has run a first-rate campaign and is well-financed.

I welcome the supporters of David Glasgow and John Ray Clemmons to join our campaign. These two fine candidates ran good campaigns, and the issues they talked about matter. I want those of you who supported them to know that your needs and concerns will be voiced in council chambers along with those of other district residents.

We need to continue telling voters that our neighborhood experience is unique in this race. As I’ve said before, people can tout their professional or party political resumes, but I’m the only candidate who’s lived here and worked for our district concerns for more than two decades. My track record on issues that matter to District 18 is clear and extensive. That’s why the Nashville Neighborhood Defense Fund endorsed our campaign.

Also, there is absolutely no employment conflict of interest on matters that would be part of my duties as Councilperson. The after-care program I work for is funded by parents. I don’t work for a major institution in this district. It’s not just about recusing yourself from occasional council votes about Belmont; it’s about being able to work effectively on a weekly basis with the university and neighbors about issues like traffic, parking and the Institutional Overlay. These issues affect many neighbors daily. To effectively work with the universities and neighbors, you need a Councilperson who does not have to worry about their employer. I can represent all of us all the time.

Contribute money! I know times are tough. But every little bit you can give – $5, $10, $15 and so on – will have a great impact on our ability to get our message out over the next month. Please go to the
Donate page on my website. Every dollar is greatly appreciated!

Volunteer! We’re going to be knocking on more doors and continuing to spread the word! Help us with that or the other vital tasks we’ll undertake during this run-off. Call me at 582-8892 or email me at to sign up today!

There have been many great folks who’ve been alongside me as I visited with voters across this great District 18, including former District 18 Metro Councilmember Ginger Hausser Pepper who has been a great source of support and encouragement to me in the race. Thank all of you for believing in me and in our campaign!

Folks, it’s this simple – I haven’t, and can’t, do it without you. I need you once again in this run-off, and then I need you alongside me as I go to Metro Council. Thanks again for all you’ve done and all you will do, including voting for Dodson on April 30!

Warmest regards,
Stephenie Dodson
Working Hard For You

UPDATE: The Davidson County Election Commission already has the sample ballot with early voting schedule up on its website. Early voting begins April 10 and ends April 25.

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