Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Run-off Forum For District 18

That's what Stephenie Dodson and others want. Even if I wasn't one of her supporters I'd agree. She notes the "unfiltered" nature of such live encounters in a statement today. As someone who witnessed many such events during the last mayoral campaign, I concur that it's a good chance to size up the candidates without the filters that polished campaign materials and messages possess.

Here's the text of the email she sent out this afternoon:

To the good folks of District 18,

As I’ve gone through our neighborhoods talking with residents one thing is clear – the people here care deeply about the direction in which we take District 18 and Nashville. They’ve got needs and concerns they want government leaders to know about. They have questions they want answered.

There were two terrific candidate forums with the four people on last week’s Metro Council District 18 special election ballot. In those forums residents got to hear from each of us and ask questions. They also got to talk to us one-on-one before and after each forum.

Now Kristine LaLonde and I are in the April 30 run-off to decide who will represent you as we deal with budget, safety, education and other important matters in the challenging years ahead. I’ve already heard from many people across District 18 that want the chance to see us both in another forum now that the final candidate slate has been decided.

I think that’s an excellent idea.
I’m ready to meet Kristine anytime, anywhere to discuss and debate the issues that matter to you. I’m ready to answer the questions you want to ask in a public, unfiltered setting where you can see us “in action” and decide for yourself who will best serve your needs in Metro Council.

Let’s get this done to give all residents the chance to assess the two of us before casting their final ballots. Early voting begins April 10, so we should have our forum as soon as possible.

Together we’re going to make our wonderful district and city the best it can be!

Warmest regards,
Stephenie Dodson
Working For You

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