Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Green Lantern is a Superdelegate?

More silliness from the boys in Murfreesboro as the subject of superdelegates gets the Red State Update treatment:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Only Right When It's About the Left

I've read the much-discussed article on John McCain in today's New York Times. I even sent the link around to friends and family this morning because parts make for interesting reading, particularly the background paragraphs on McCain's "Keating Five" days.

Do I think the rumor of an affair between McCain and a lobbyist is worth publishing in the formerly hallowed pages of the Times, even when it's couched in the seemingly benign context of looking at the inside operations of a campaign? No. As a former journalist, I think it's tabloid stuff, just as I thought it was tabloid stuff to write about Gennifer Flowers in 1992 (though the context there was admittedly different).

I don't vote for politicians to be Husband of the United States or High Priest of the United States. Adultery is not a litmus test for my vote. I'm interested in their stands on several issues and on the policies they intend to implement in office.

I do get a chuckle out of Republicans being outraged by such a story, though. They never seem to mind when a Democrat is accused of sexual impropriety whether the accusations are right or wrong. When it's a Democrat such stories are the essential work of a diligent press corps because those articles supposedly reveal character. When it's a Republican it's an outrageous case of the allegedly liberal media committing slander.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barack is Marching On

The Chesapeake and Potomac primaries were certainly good to Barack last night. He didn't just win in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia primaries. He dominated.

He's favored in Wisconsin and his native Hawaii next week (there's also a non-binding primary in Washington state, where he's already had a caucus victory). My vote may have gone to Hillary when Tennessee's primary was held, but my hope (wishful thinking though it may be) is that Hillary "suspends" her campaign if she loses those and the Texas and Ohio primaries on March 4 (Vermont and Rhode Island vote that day too). Despite her earlier victories in such states as California and New York, the momentum Barack has now is pretty impressive; the momentum he'd have if he continues his winning ways into March would be so strong that contesting the matter further would be divisive.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a race!

Well, Hillary took Tennessee easily, losing such urban centers as Davidson, Shelby and Hamilton counties while scoring big elsewhere. But Barack certainly had plenty to celebrate in other states, and as the dust settles on Super Tuesday it appears that the 22-state voting experience was essentially a draw. I was impressed with Barack's organizational savvy in taking 6 of the 7 caucuses - apparently only American Samoa showed Hillary some love in that format last night. On Hillary's side, victories in California and Massachusetts - where the Barack endorsements by John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Deval Patrick went for naught - along with unsurprising wins in New York and Arkansas were among the highlights. As I write this Hillary's delegate lead is a slim 783-709 according to CNN projections. What a fascinating, spirited and intense race this has turned out to be!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pushing the button...and what comes after

Well, I went and voted at Eakin Elementary School around 11:45 today (in December the Election Commission changed my polling place back from St. Bernard's after several years). A steady trickle of fellow voters were there as well, but I was surprised when poll workers said they'd run out of "I Voted" stickers after I cast my ballot. Perhaps they weren't given many to hand out, but I hope that means they had a bunch of people vote before I showed up.

With the early voting total and anecdotal evidence so far today around the country, it certainly looks like an enthusiastic election cycle. I just hope my fellow Democrats will get behind our nominee no matter how the primary season ends. My feeling is that Republicans - at least in my lifetime - are generally better at unifying for November following a contentious primary season. I voted for Hillary, but I'll vote for Barack on Nov. 4 if he's our nominee. Comments I've heard and read lead me to believe that some other Democrats might not feel the same if their first choice goes down, but to them I say, do you really want another four years of the GOP in the White House?