Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Wonderful Inn at Evins Mill

It's been nearly two months since our family visited The Inn at Evins Mill and we're still talking about what a wonderful experience it was.

I'll provide some background before attempting to sketch out parts of that experience. It was Aug. 21 and I was looking through some birthday greetings I'd received from Facebook friends and acquaintances. One of the messages was from William Cochran, the inn's owner and general manager. "Evans...I invite you and one other guest to a complimentary night's stay at The Inn at Evins Mill, breakfast included, on any "Enchanted Night," a calendar to which I've linked below. The only request I would make is that you patronize the Inn for dinner rather than an off-site establishment."

That sounded like quite an offer to me, and when I looked on the calendar of available dates, I found that the night of Sept. 3, the eve of Ann's and my 16th wedding anniversary, was available. I called William and made the arrangements.

Our 90-minute drive from Nashville to the Inn was a pleasant one. Our destination was just outside Smithville. After turning onto Evins Mill Road we soon encountered the historic gristmill that gives the Inn its name:

Soon we were parked and ready for check-in. Aiding us through this was Chris Dotson, a very friendly and professional innkeeper who made us feel right at home.

We were soon installed in a wonderful Mountain Laurel room which even included a loft for Katie (although her mom decided to spend some time up there as well!). We were also welcomed by a rather charming feline who apparently likes to visit the property from time to time:

About an hour after our arrival we went to the Grand Lodge for drinks and dinner:

We met some really nice folks who were also spending the night at the inn before settling in for an incredible dinner prepared by the extremely talented executive chef Jason Evans. I've eaten duck all over the world, and I've never had a more melt-in-your mouth selection of that dish than the portion prepared by Chef Evans. The smiles tell the story:

After a great night's sleep it was outside for a stroll and a swing before eating an incredible breakfast prepared by innkeeper and chef Tina Clark. There are plenty of mouthwatering items on offer, but the bacon alone is worth getting up for:

After breakfast it was time to leave. We had been at The Inn at Evins Mill for less than a day, but the atmosphere, food and lodging allowed us to celebrate our marriage and family -- and create some happy longterm memories -- in a truly unique way.

Whether you're celebrating something or just enjoying time away from modern life's cares, I heartily recommend you visit Mr. Cochran's establishment. Drop him a line by clicking here. When you visit you'll find as we did that The Inn at Evins Mill is a slice of life to savor.