Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a race!

Well, Hillary took Tennessee easily, losing such urban centers as Davidson, Shelby and Hamilton counties while scoring big elsewhere. But Barack certainly had plenty to celebrate in other states, and as the dust settles on Super Tuesday it appears that the 22-state voting experience was essentially a draw. I was impressed with Barack's organizational savvy in taking 6 of the 7 caucuses - apparently only American Samoa showed Hillary some love in that format last night. On Hillary's side, victories in California and Massachusetts - where the Barack endorsements by John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Deval Patrick went for naught - along with unsurprising wins in New York and Arkansas were among the highlights. As I write this Hillary's delegate lead is a slim 783-709 according to CNN projections. What a fascinating, spirited and intense race this has turned out to be!

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