Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pushing the button...and what comes after

Well, I went and voted at Eakin Elementary School around 11:45 today (in December the Election Commission changed my polling place back from St. Bernard's after several years). A steady trickle of fellow voters were there as well, but I was surprised when poll workers said they'd run out of "I Voted" stickers after I cast my ballot. Perhaps they weren't given many to hand out, but I hope that means they had a bunch of people vote before I showed up.

With the early voting total and anecdotal evidence so far today around the country, it certainly looks like an enthusiastic election cycle. I just hope my fellow Democrats will get behind our nominee no matter how the primary season ends. My feeling is that Republicans - at least in my lifetime - are generally better at unifying for November following a contentious primary season. I voted for Hillary, but I'll vote for Barack on Nov. 4 if he's our nominee. Comments I've heard and read lead me to believe that some other Democrats might not feel the same if their first choice goes down, but to them I say, do you really want another four years of the GOP in the White House?

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