Thursday, October 16, 2008

A True Man For All Seasons

Ten years ago today Comer A. Donnell of Lebanon, TN passed away at the age of 89. The man I called "Granddaddy" was more than just a grandparent to me - he was a true "Man For All Seasons" whose integrity, humility and compassion were inspiring to family, friends and colleagues.

Those who knew him miss him very much. Perhaps they'll agree with me that a decade later our strongest feelings when thinking about him are grounded in gratitude. We're grateful because the blessing of knowing him was such a wonderful gift.

Our family mounted an Internet tribute site about him several years ago. If you'd like to know why those who knew him cherished him so much click here and I think you'll make that discovery through his life story and pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Evans' Granddaddy was my Uncle Comer.
I did not have the benefit of years of daily close association, but such were his qualities that it didn't take that long to understand you were dealing with someone special.
Uncle Comer was the reason it took me years to understand the whole basis behind, for example, the joke at the end of Used Cars when Kurt Russel's character's lady friend signifies her complete capitulation from consumer watchdog to car salesman by telling a customer to "trust me."
A consummate salesman -- insurance, cars, land -- yet a man you could trust, a man of integrity. Rare indeed, but not impossible.