Monday, August 11, 2008

NEA Arts Journalism and John Lahr!

I was one of the 2006 fellows for the NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Theater and Musical Theater at USC Annenberg School for Communication in Los Angeles. The program is directed by the wonderful, wise and warm Sasha Anawalt.

I was with 24 other theater journalists from around the country and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with them. The multitude of memorable offerings Sasha arranged for us included getting to meet and learn from Robert Brustein, a living legend among theater practitioners and chroniclers.

Any regrets? No. I'd unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend the experience to any colleague because it's personally and professionally enriching. But I will admit when I heard that John Lahr was coming the next year I wanted to jump on a plane and crash his sessions (hey, alumni privileges, right?).

Well, Sasha in her infinite wisdom knew her beloved fellows past, present and future would want to see and hear the remarkable, multi-award-winning critic/author/playwright. At the institute's web site there's a terrific video of Mr. Lahr's appearance in 2007. Click here to open the player of your choice and get inspired!

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