Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Biden...and AP learns first

Well, the Barack Obama campaign milked the "send us your email or cell phone and we'll tell you first" gambit too long. Someone inevitably and unsurprisingly talked and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden is the Veep pick for Democrats.

A question for the folks at Obama Central assuming this story (unconfirmed as I write this post) is accurate: Did you guys really think you could keep people in your and Biden's camps from telling a reporter until Saturday morning? If you had really been serious about letting your supporters (me included) know first you wouldn't have vainly tried to sit on this story overnight.

Either this was a cynical ploy to attract more support or you're incredibly naive about the ability of the press to get information. Neither possibility bodes well from a public relations standpoint as the campaign heads into the Fall.

UPDATE: I got my text at 2:43 AM. I think it's safe to say that wasn't the initial plan unless the night owl crowd is Obama's big constituency.

UPDATE II: Here's an article on this "odd VP rollout" from Politics Magazine.

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The Old Man and His Dog said...

It was a ploy to get supporter phone numbers so they can raise more money and get more volunteers.