Friday, August 29, 2008

A Balanced and Inspirational Effort

Barack Obama said things in his acceptance speech Thursday that were expected and unexpected. He reminded us of the vision that we've come to admire and of the tough Chicago street organizer many have possibly forgotten or never knew he was. Part offense, part defense, plenty of lofty phrases but also plenty of plain talk about specific policies.

He understood the American people need to hear all of it, whether he was speaking about cutting middle-class income taxes while closing large corporate tax loopholes, ending our disastrous and unnecessary involvement in Iraq or taking the title of a 1970's TV drama and creating a rallying cry from it for all who've had enough of the Bush-Cheney policy disasters that John McCain proposes to continue. Indeed, Senator, "Eight is Enough," whether you're trying to pay your mortgage, buy food for your family or gas and oil to keep your car going so you can make it to work each day.

He played to his strong suits but also addressed what his detractors have called his weak points. This is a man who can win November 4. He needs as he did Thursday to keep playing at his own tempo and not McCain's, but I think he's smart enough, and yes, experienced enough to do just that.

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