Saturday, October 11, 2008

Character? Let The Other Guys Worry About That

Yeah, "character counts" - unless you're a Republican like Gov. Sarah "Abuse of Power" Palin. Then it's okay to do something wrong.

I can hear Republicans now: "But there are Democrats who've done this too." That's right, although as my grandmother used to say, "Two wrongs don't make one right." Others will say, "Oh, it's a partisan witch hunt." Well, there were Alaskan Republicans involved in getting this matter investigated too, so maybe you should call it a "bipartisan witch hunt." Of course, if Hillary Clinton had been a governor and done this, I bet "witch hunt" is NOT the description they would have used.

Not that Democrats have never been hypocrites (our party leadership will support the unnecessary, costly Iraq war too until it becomes unpopular and then pretend it has been standing up to George W. Bush on the matter). But the Republicans have been culture war-leading hypocrites about such "character" matters for years (it's bad for Bill Clinton to attempt covering up an extra-marital affair while President but okay for Newt Gingrich to do so while Speaker of the House).

The bottom line is that if a Democrat had done this Fox News and every wingnut blogger from Charleston to Fairbanks would've been calling for that Democrat's head. Watch as they again rationalize and defend Gov. Mooseburger's actions because she's one of their own.

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