Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Call Me When It's Over

Hillary has her hard-fought victory in Pennsylvania tonight. Of course, the mind-numbing spin between the Hillary and Barack camps will continue as we head on to primaries in North Carolina, Indiana and elsewhere - she's more electable in the fall, he's got more votes and delegates, she's ruthless and selfish for staying in, he's an elitist who spouts platitudes and calls working class Americans "bitter," etc.

Am I the only one who doesn't plan to watch any more "analysis" (insert derisive laugh here) from the arrogant and trite talking heads on TV? Am I the only one who doesn't plan to pay any more attention to all the nonsense that's been hurled by surrogates and supporters of both candidates as this race for the Democratic nomination has progressed? I bet I'm not.

No, I'm not saying people in states that haven't voted yet should tune out as I am. They still need to make their choice for Hillary or Barack. And of course the much-discussed superdelegates will have to weigh in as well. But thankfully my primary vote was recorded way back in the seemingly ancient period known as Super Tuesday.

I'm a partisan who'll vote for the Democrat in November, period. I'm tired of listening to both sides snipe at each other when the real enemy is John McCain and a GOP that has ruined our economy and screwed up our relations with most of the world. Call me when it's over (which may be in Denver this August). See you at the ballot box Nov. 4!

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